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Have you a home or a business in the Dublin area and require glass repair? A Kwik Window Repair provides emergency glass replacement 7 days a week in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

About Glass and Glazing

In an emergency, we are the most reliable glass repair company on the market and can help you with the following

  • Replace existing glass with A rated energy efficient glass without needing to replace the frame
  • Replace your existing window should it be too badly damaged to be repaired
  • Replace your glass or double-glazed unit usually within 24 hours
  • Replace your window handle, lock and hinges should they be damaged

It could be as simple as someone kicking a football through your window and you require emergency glass repair.

If you have a problem with broken or cracked glass, we can replace the existing glass in a safe manner and we won’t even need to replace the entire frame. And there’s more. Our double and triple glazed windows are A rated energy efficient and give unparalleled heat retention and money savings.

For all your emergency glass repair requirements, give us a on 01-4582028.

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