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Handles, Hinges and Locks are important components to keep your windows draught proof, secure and in good working order. Kwik Window Repair has a vast selection for you to choose from and the expertise to do a professional job.


A Kwik Window Repair can supply and install and window hinges, handles and locks so that your windows are working like brand new.

Did you know that the number one complaint people have about their windows is draughts? And it doesn’t mean that you always need to spend your money on new windows.. In the majority of cases, all your windows need is a simple repair, as most draughts coming through windows are caused by faulty hinges. If the window hinges are not oiled regularly they become stuff. The wear and tear allows for a small gap to appear through which the air passes. Once this happens the hinges must be replaced. New hinges ensure that the window closes properly and eliminates draughts and noise.

A Kwik Window Repair will advise you on what hinges are appropriate for your windows. Most hinges look the same to the untrained eye. However, it is vital that hinges are replaced with the correct hinge to suit your window and location. Otherwise you risk damaging the window.

In relation to locks, the window may appear to be locked securely but it’s not as the internal lock might not be responding. Alternatively, the window might be locked but is impossible to open. Either way, the lock is broken and needs to be replaced. This can generally be done in one visit.

A Kwik Window Repair’s highly skilled team stock a vast selection of window hinges, handles and locks to help you get the best out of your windows. We are available 7 days a week on 01-4582028 and serve Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.

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