Laminated and Toughened Safety Glass

From glass in windows, doors or shop fronts, A Kwik Window Repair provides safety glass for all markets, domestic, commercial and industrial.

About Laminated and Toughened Safety Glass

Kwik Window Repair are specialists in toughened laminated safety glass for doors, roofs, shop fronts, and much more.

Toughened and tempered safety glass and toughened laminated glass is 4 to 6 times stronger than your average piece of glass and is perfect for the following

  • Glass for windows
  • Glass for doors
  • Commercial doors
  • And various other applications

If you have a shop, restaurant or other building that is used by the public, the glass that you have in your windows and doors should be a strong safety glass. If you don’t have this, the glass will not withstand frequent or harder impacts and will not offer you the level of security and safety you require. The best safety glass for shop fronts is laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass stays together when it is broken and will help prevent robberies as a result.

Our expert team can come, view your premises and advise you on the most suitable glass for your activity. We will survey the entire project from design right through to implementation so that you will receive a finished product that meets your needs.

Your security and safety is important to us. Give us a call today on 01-4582028 to discuss your requirements.

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